Dymark Spray Paint and Markers

Power Packaging’s Dymark Spray Paint & Markers range provides quality results for all marking projects including Mine and Construction sites, Civil Works and Surveying operations, Car Parks, Factories, Commercial Buildings and Warehouses, Forests and Timber Yards, Plantations, Landscapes, Parklands, Recreation and Sports facilities.

Dymark Spray & Mark

Dymark Spray & Mark
  • Bright colour range for highly visible marks
  • Applications include construction, landscaping, civil works and surveying
  • Dymark Stencil Paint has a unique spray pattern specifically designed for spot marking as well as ‘writing’ applications
  • Suitable for use with Dy-Mark’s Long Arm Handle and Spot Marking Handle
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Dymark Silver Gal Spray

Dymark Silver Gal Spray
  • Anti-corrosive silver paint
  • Designed to match the bright finish of hot dip galvanizing
  • Provides a tough and durable finish to steel and iron
  • Suitable for use as a top coat over DyMark’s Zinc Gal
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