Strapping & Strapping Tools Guide – Power Packaging

Polyester Strapping

Battery operated strapping tools are designed to operate with most plastic strapping materials ( PET & PP ) and provide the portability of not requiring an external power source as they are a fully self contained unit. These tools have evolved to provide a reliable alternative to manual combination & pneumatic tools where portability is essential. These tools are made using only the highest quality components such as Genuine Bosch brush-less motors & German made “Akku Power” Lithium Ion batteries utilising the very best Sanyo Panasonic Lithium Ion cells for higher performance.

Do away with the need for seals, these tools utilise a Friction Weld seal to join the strap.

As with any strapping application it is absolutely critical that these tools are used to provide the best performance for your application.

Our sales staff can provide an obligation free assessment to determine the best solution for your Battery Operated Strapping Tool application.

Steel Strapping

Australian Made Steel Strap

No matter what your requirement is, SIAT have a tool for all steel strapping applications.

The range includes tools suitable for :

✔ Strapping on flat surfaces,

✔ Strapping on irregular or round surfaces,

Also, Manual combination tools, Pneumatic combination tools, Tools for use with seals & Seal-less combination strapping tools.

Steel strapping tools are designed to be used in conjunction with the correct specification steel strap, i.e. “Apex” ( Standard ) or “Magnus” ( Super ) . It is critical to ensure they are used in accordance within their design parameters and do not compromise on the safety of the application.

Our sales staff can advise on setting up the correct tools to ensure the best performance and safety ideals are met.

We can show you a better way to strap up your products! Contact our strapping and tooling experts today.

GT-H - High Tension

Siat GT Xtreme Strapping Tool

✔ Easy to use tool. The lightest in the market for its category

✔ Compact and ergonomic design with non-slip rubber handle

✔ Efficient operation due to good balance

✔ Simple and user-friendly interface

✔ Digital display with visible parameters

✔ Low maintenance required, due to brushless motor

✔ Suitable for different strap sizes: i.e. 16 mm and 19 mm (0’5⁄8 and 0’3⁄4)

✔ Stable performances due to Li-Ion battery technology (with no “memory effect”)

✔ Option to lock the keypad in order to improve safety

✔ Easy removable casing for quick maintenance

GT-One - Low Tension Strapping Tool

Siat GT One Strapping Tool

✔ Max. tension: 2750 N. In ‘soft’ mode: 500 N

✔ Battery strapping tool with adjustable functioning mode according to the application: Automatic, Semi-automatic, Manual and “Soft”.

✔ Strapping performed by pushing a single button (in automatic or semi-automatic mode).

✔ It is easy to use and simple to be adjusted.

✔ Perfectly balanced, it can perform both vertical/horizontal strapping.

✔ The brush-less motor is powered with last generation Lithium Ion battery.

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