The next breakthrough is on the horizon..

Following on with the overwhelming success of the GT-ONE & GT-H range of high performance battery operated strapping tools Siat engineers have developed the next transition in this range to offer even better performance and reliability for use in the most demanding and Xtreme environments.

Based on the original principles of offering the lightest high performance tools in a neutrally balanced package, significant improvements have been made to further increase the performance, reliability and overall user experience in true purposeful military like fashion.

Through significant prototype field testing in some of the most demanding and Xtreme environments engineers have focused on further reducing maintenance and down time through increased robustness of many high stress components, some of these include :

CNC machined monolithic Ametek brushless motor with encoder.

A wider more robust common gear with double surface bearing

Wear parts made from corrosion-free high grade hardened stainless steel


Other additional features & improvements are :


  • Maximum Tension : Up To 4200 Newton’s – New motor with encoder allows greater efficiency with lower inertia, better pulling force and less energy consumption.
  • Weight : 4.0 Kg….including battery ( lightest tool vs. competitor equivalents on the market ).
  • Operation Modes : Manual / Semi-Automatic / Fully-Automatic / Soft.
  • Tensioning Speed : Up To 9.0 Metres / Minute ( fastest vs. equivalent competitor tools ).
  • CNC machined monolithic Ametek Brushless Motor with encoder : Offers higher durability and cycle repeatability under high usage applications.
  • More durable chassis, conical gearbox, drivetrain and wear parts further reducing maintenance and downtime – lowering overall cost of ownership.
  • Ergonomically designed to provide the best weight distribution/balance vs. equivalent competitor tools ( 100% neutrally balanced ).
  • Purposeful military camouflage green finish.
  • Lockable touchpad controls to improve safety and remove unwanted adjustments.
  • Audible countdown timer & numbers ( 3-2-1-0 ) for cool down time after cycle is complete.
  • Electronic overload protection for the main circuit board, motor & battery ( incorporating a new electronic cooling system ).
  • Digital error and cycle count readout on the display panel for easier diagnostics and servicing.
  • Newly developed 18v 5.0 Ah German made Akku Power high output lithium-ion batteries with no memory effect and higher performance between charges.
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