X-Fill Paper Packaging Void Fill System

Patented crumpling technology transforms 1-ply kraft paper into a 3D crumpled packaging material for effective void-filling applications.


Great for small to medium volume paper packaging operations.

Two simple and user friendly modes of control. Angle of equipment easily adjustable.

Paper speed sets at approximately 1.7m/s for incredible throughput.
Design ready for easy system integration and future automation upgrades. Suitable for various paper basis weight, single ply, and X-Fold or conventional fanfold paper.

Options include single or multiple-stack paper trays.


In addition, the X-Series systems include new modular designs which can dramatically streamline processes for parts repair and replacement.

Family members of the X-Series include the X-Pad+, X-Fill and X-Fill Pro systems. The X-Pad+ paper packaging system is especially suitable for cushioning and “block and brace.” The X-Fill system and its brother, the X-Fill Pro systems, are exceptionally suited for void filling operations.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm