The most affordable, feature packed strapping tool on the market! Battery Strapping Tool for PP/PET.

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A Quick and Easy Way You Can Strap Packages In A Fraction Of The Time—Guaranteed!

How would you like to turn hours of tedious and time consuming manual strapping of packs into a simple, one-click process that races through an incredible 15m of strap per minute?

With Siat’s GT-One battery operated strapping tool, that’s exactly what happens. This lightweight 3.7kg machine isn’t just fast; it also comes packed with high quality internal design and parts that make using this robust machine a joy to use whether tensioning, welding or cutting PP/PET strap.

With three functions (automatic, semi-automatic, and manual) operators can choose their level of control in the process, tensioning the strap up to 2750N. For more fragile packages, an additional soft function can be used in combination with the primary three, reducing the tension to 500 N.

The strap width can be adjusted in just a few seconds. The GT-One adjusts between 10mm to 15mm in width, and from 0.5mm to 1.10 in thickness, making this a versatile tool for use on all your packages. Strapping is achieved through a Bosch brushless motor which reduces maintenance costs as well as offering a longer life.

The ergonomic design of the GT-One offers a comfortable natural rubber handle with a centralized, perfectly balanced gravity point for comfortable use when strapping vertically.

Designed and manufactured by Siat, one of Italy’s leading tool manufacturers, the GT-One offers stylish, modern design combined with top quality components manufactured to the European Union’s strict guidelines.

The Siat GT-One offers a fast, safe and affordable solution for companies seeking to speed up their efficiency in securing packages while also being a leader in its class.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm