Siat GT Xtreme Strapping Tool

Automatic “High Tension” Battery Operated Strapping Tool.

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Following on with the overwhelming success of the GT-ONE & GT-H range of high performance battery operated strapping tools, Siat engineers have developed the next transition in this range to offer even better performance and reliability for use in the most demanding and Xtreme environments.

This new Siat battery operated has adjustable functioning modes: automatic, semi-automatic, manual and soft. Suitable for demanding environments and for very high number of cycles. Perfectly balanced, it can perform both vertical and horizontal strapping. The brushless motor with encoder is powered by the latest Li-Ion battery.

Wear parts made from corrosion-free high grade hardened stainless steel.
Other additional features & improvements are:

  • Maximum Tension : Up To 4200 Newton’s – New motor with encoder allows greater efficiency with lower inertia, better pulling force and less energy consumption.
  • Weight : 4.0 Kg….including battery ( lightest tool vs. competitor equivalents on the market ).
  • Operation Modes : Manual / Semi-Automatic / Fully-Automatic / Soft.