SisalKraft 350 Fibreglass Reinforced Laminated Kraft Paper

Utilising new technology, the new range is made using a three way fiberglass reinforced hot melt lamination of two Kraft papers.

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Sisalkraft 350 is a strong three-way fibreglass reinforced bitumen lamination of two kraftpapers, used for industrial wrapping, lining and construction underlay applications.
Sisalkraft 350 is ideal for use in applications such as:
• concrete underlay;
• road base underlay;
• container lining;
• pallet sheets;
• machinery wrapping; and
• floor protection.
Product Benefits
• Provides an effective barrier against moisture ingress during application.
• The fiberglass reinforcement will prevent buildup of condensation during application.
Sisalkraft 350 Standard Roll Sizes
Width            Length             Code
300                100m               980001
600                100m               980003
900                100m               980005
1200              100m               980007
1500              100m               980009

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm