Cardboard/Paper Products

Cardboard/Paper Products

Eco-Friendly Cardboard and Paper Products

At Power Packaging, we’re passionate about sustainable solutions that protect your goods and the planet. Our extensive range of eco-friendly cardboard and paper products caters to your storage, shipping, and packaging needs. Whether you’re shipping boxes or printing documents, we’ve got you covered.

From sturdy cardboard book mailers for safeguarding your beloved reads to versatile pallet boxes and lids that ensure safe transportation, our offerings blend reliability with environmental consciousness. Let’s not forget the lightweight yet robust honeycomb cardboard packaging, perfect for cushioning delicate items.

Embrace sustainable packaging solutions today. Explore our wide selection of eco-friendly cardboard and paper products and make a positive impact on the planet.

  1. Cardboard Book Mailers: Safeguard your beloved books with our sturdy and eco-friendly book mailers. Whether you’re sending a rare first edition or a dog-eared favorite, trust our recyclable packaging to keep your literary treasures safe in transit.

  2. Cardboard Pallet Box & Lid: Need versatile storage and shipping solutions? Look no further! Our pallet boxes and lids are like the Swiss Army knives of packaging. They’ll securely transport your goods while ensuring easy access when needed.

  3. Honeycomb Cardboard Packaging: Lightweight yet tough as nails! Our honeycomb cardboard provides superior cushioning for delicate items. From fragile ceramics to sensitive electronics, rest assured your goods are cocooned in protective goodness.

  4. Stock Size Cardboard Boxes/Cartons: Choose from a range of stock sizes for efficient packing. Whether you’re shipping everyday orders or are sending out temperature sensitive perishables, our cardboard boxes fit the bill. All available for online ordering and next day delivery!

  5. Single Face Cardboard Rolls: These rolls provide cushioning without the bulk. Wrap 'em around edges, and voilà—extra protection! Single face cardboard rolls are cost-effective and eco-friendly. No excess material—just practicality.

  6. Newsprint Rolls: Looking for a cost conscious void filling material? Our newsprint rolls are your secret weapon. They’re gentle on delicate surfaces and great for filling voids in packages. Say goodbye to broken ceramics and scratched glass!

  7. Brown Kraft Paper Rolls: Versatile, rustic, and eco-friendly! Kraft paper is your go-to for wrappingor void filling. 

  8. Cardboard Pallet Angles/Corners: Protect those vulnerable edges! Our cardboard angles and corners ensure your shipments arrive intact. No more dinged-up corners or crushed goods.

  9. Cardboard Pallet Pads/Sheets: Double up on protection! These pads add an extra layer between your precious cargo and the rough-and-tumble world of logistics. Your palletised goods will thank you.

  10. Cardboard Boxes: Sustainability meets everyday convenience. Our commitment to eco-friendly packaging extends to these everyday heroes. From cold chain boxes to everyday shippers, our cardboard boxes have your back.

  11. A4 Paper: High-quality paper for all your printing and writing needs. Whether it’s an invoice or a quarterly report, our A4 paper delivers crisp results.