PPE & Other Safety

PPE & Other Safety

At Power Packaging, your safety is our priority. Our wide range of Safety Products will assist in all workplace environments. From Safety Signs, Hairnets, Earplugs, Glasses, Dust Masks, Safety Vests and more. 


  • Comprehensive Safety Solutions: At Power Packaging, your safety is paramount. Our extensive range of safety products ensures workplace protection across diverse environments.

  • Diverse Product Range: From safety signs and hairnets to earplugs, glasses, dust masks, safety vests, and more, we offer a wide array of safety essentials to meet all your needs.

  • Premium Quality: Our safety products are crafted to the highest standards, ensuring durability, reliability, and effectiveness in safeguarding workers.

  • Customizable Solutions: Explore our range of custom and stock options for safety signage, tailored to your specific requirements and industry standards.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Stay safe in all conditions with our range of safety vests, designed for day and night use to ensure maximum visibility and protection.

  • First Aid Preparedness: Be prepared for any situation with our general-purpose first aid kits, equipped with essential supplies for immediate assistance.

Packaging Supplies: Prioritise safety alongside essential packaging supplies like cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, available at Power Packaging.