Poly Sheet

Poly Sheet


Plastic Sheeting, Builders Plastic, and Polysheet: Versatile Solutions for Your Projects

Our Polyethylene Sheeting/Builders Film, also known as Plastic Sheeting, Builders Plastic, and Polysheet, is a multifunctional material designed to meet a wide range of needs. Crafted from high-clarity LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene), this film is ideal for applications where visibility and durability matter.

Our Polyethylene Sheeting/Builders Film is a heat-shrinkable material that provides versatile solutions for various projects. It is especially useful in scenarios where visibility and protection are crucial.

Key Features

High Clarity: The film’s transparency ensures clear visibility, making it suitable for a variety of applications where monitoring is essential.

Lightweight and User-Friendly: Easy to handle and install, our plastic sheeting is a convenient choice for diverse projects, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.

Durability: Built to withstand wear and tear, our Builders Plastic reliably shields surfaces, providing long-lasting protection in demanding environments.

Whether you need high-clarity sheeting for visibility, durable protection for surfaces, or a user-friendly material for ease of installation, our Plastic Sheeting, Builders Plastic, and Polysheet provide the perfect solution.


Builders Plastic Sheeting

Our Poly Sheet/Builders Film, also known as Builders Plastic, Polythene Sheet, Poly Film, and Plastic Sheeting, serves multiple purposes in renovations, construction, transportation, and as temporary barriers. Explore the common uses and specifications below to find the perfect solution for your project needs.

Common Uses

Renovations and Construction:

  • Covering Furniture and Appliances: Shield valuable items from dust, debris, and accidental damage during renovations.
  • Floor and Carpet Protection: Lay the film to prevent spills, stains, and scratches on floors and carpets.


  • Securing Loads: Use it to prevent shifting during transit, whether on trucks or pallets.

Temporary Barriers:

  • Creating Enclosures: Set up partitions or temporary barriers at construction sites, events, or other locations.


Our Builders Plastic Sheeting is available in clear and black options with various thickness choices and sizes to suit your specific project requirements:

  • Thickness choices: 50 microns, 100 microns, and 150 microns
  • Sizes: For example, 1m x 100um x 200m, 2m x 50um x 200m, and more

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