Pallet Wrap

Pallet Wrap

Wrap It Up Right: Hand & Machine Pallet Wrap at Power Packaging

Protect your products with confidence. Power Packaging offers a wide range of hand and machine pallet wrap solutions. We've got you covered, whether you need to wrap by hand or use a machine for high-volume applications.

Strong, Secure Pallets. Every Time.

Our pallet wrap is made with precision to keep your products safe during shipping and storage. No matter the distance, your shipment will arrive in pristine condition.

Innovation & Quality You Can Trust

At Power Packaging, we're committed to using the latest technology to create reliable, efficient, and sustainable pallet wrap solutions.

Cast Hand Stretch Film:

  • Superior Clarity: Experience crystal-clear visibility for easy barcode scanning and product identification with our cast hand stretch film. Its superior clarity ensures that your products are not just protected but also easily scannable and identifiable.
  • Durability & Stretch: Designed to withstand the rigors of handling and movement, our cast film exhibits exceptional stretch properties, making it ideal for wrapping everyday boxes and packages.

Blown Hand Stretch Film:

  • Heavier-Duty Applications: Engineered for excellence, this film offers unparalleled strength and puncture resistance, making it perfect for safeguarding goods with sharp corners.
  • Reliable Protection: Confidently protect your goods with our blown hand stretch film, ensuring peace of mind in your product’s security.

Innovations and Varieties:

  • Fusion Technology Films: Featuring our new 'Fusion' technology, these films use less plastic per pallet wrap while being perfectly suited for light to medium weight pallets.
  • Traditional and Black Cast Pallet Wrap: From general wrapping applications to achieving a premium look while stretching, our traditional and black cast films meet various packaging needs with options for all application types, including light to heavy-duty tasks.

High-Quality Machine Stretch Wrap: Cast and Blown Varieties

Fusion Stretch Wrap:

Crafted from high-quality resins with many more layers than standard cast film, our Fusion stretch wrap boasts exceptional strength and longer stretch capabilities without compromising puncture resistance.

Blown Pallet Wrap:

Thicker and more durable, this wrap is ideal for heavy or sharp-edged items and performs excellently in cold temperatures, offering robust protection.

Cast Pallet Wrap:

Featuring thinner and more transparent properties, our cast pallet wrap is perfect for lighter items. It's quieter and easier to apply, making it an optimal choice for high-volume operations.

Eco-Friendly Option:

Embrace sustainability with our biodegradable and 50% Recycled Content pallet wrap, designed for those who prioritize environmental care without compromising on quality.