Thermal Liners

Thermal Liners

Thermal Liners: Economical and Versatile Cold Chain Solution

Please note, our thermal liners now include 50% recycled content: 25% PCR and 25% PIR.

Suited to shipping perishables, food, and pharmaceuticals across town or across the country, thermal bags and liners are an economical and versatile Cold Chain Solution. Tiny heat-resistant particles are mixed into the material of this special film. These particles create a shield that blocks heat from moving through radiation and convection. Laminated with a bubble inner layer, our liners help protect your products as well as keep them cool.

Carton Size Liner to Suit
SSTHERMS - 390x285x250MM TL650X625 - 650x625MM
SSTHERML - 430x320x265MM TL750X575 - 750x575MM
TL/480X280 designed to be used as a mailer or pouch, not as a liner.

Sancell Silver Sheen Thermal Liners

Introducing the revolutionary Silver Sheen Thermal Liners, proudly manufactured in Australia. Featuring a proprietary blend of 100% locally sourced aluminium particulates, our liners are designed to maximize thermal insulation. With Silver Sheen's three-layer defense, you're not only trapping the cold but also preventing any heat from penetrating.

Silver Sheen now incorporates Sancell’s signature Phoenix material with a minimum of 50% recycled content, including 25% post-consumer and 25% post-industrial recycled waste, championing environmental sustainability. By choosing Phoenix, you contribute to reducing landfill waste, decreasing raw material usage, and lowering carbon emissions.

Ideal for safeguarding temperature-sensitive goods, Silver Sheen liners ensure your products maintain their quality and freshness, supporting over 25 hours of thermal protection when paired with Sancell’s ProtectaChill Gel Packs.

Product Feature Benefit
Silver Sheen Air 10mm bubble structure Extra plush cushioning, reduces product damage and return costs.
Silver Sheen Eco 1mm low-profile structure Minimizes environmental impact, reduces freight and storage costs.