Cable Ties

Cable Ties

Industrial Cable Ties: Secure and Organise

At Power Packaging, we understand that industrial settings demand robust solutions. Our cable ties are engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty applications. Let’s explore how they enhance efficiency, safety, and organization in your industrial environment.

Key Features

  1. Strength and Resilience: Our cable ties are built tough. Whether securing bundles of electrical wires, hoses, or pipes, they won’t let you down.

  2. Self-Locking Mechanism: Once fastened, these ties stay put. No slippage, no compromises. Ideal for high-vibration machinery and equipment.

  3. Temperature Resistance: From scorching factory floors to chilly warehouses, our cable ties maintain their integrity across temperature extremes.


  1. Wiring Harnesses: Secure electrical wiring in machinery, control panels, and production lines.

  2. Pipes and Tubing: Bundle pipes and hoses for fluid transport systems.

  3. Cable Management: Keep communication cables organized in server rooms and data centers.

  4. Manufacturing Lines: Fasten components during assembly and production processes.

  5. Logistics and Warehousing: Label and organize inventory with cable ties.