Unbroken Cold Chain: Trust Power Packaging Eskies for Temperature-Sensitive Cargo

Power Packaging's lidded eskies, the perfect solution for safe and hygienic transport of your high value products.

These sturdy Styrofoam boxes are designed to protect your products from external elements, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. With a secure lid, you can have peace of mind that your products will remain protected from contamination during transit.

These lidded eskies are the ideal choice for food and pharmaceutical packaging, as they offer a hygienic solution to complement your valuable products.

Introducing our cost-effective Thermal Liners—a superior alternative to lidded polystyrene boxes. Our Thermal Liners have undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating exceptional temperature control. With 2 x 1KG Gel Packs, temperatures remained under 5ºC for an impressive 33 hours and 25 minutes.

Plus, these liners are delivered flat-packed, ensuring not just temperature savings but storage savings too.