Stock Size Cartons

Stock Size Cartons

Stock Size Cardboard Boxes: Versatile, Durable, and Customisable

At Power Packaging, our stock size cardboard boxes cater to a wide range of business needs and industries. Here’s why they’re a smart choice:

  1. Variety of Sizes:

    • Our stock boxes come in multiple sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements.
    • Whether you’re packing small items or large products, we’ve got you covered.
  2. High-Quality Corrugated Cardboard:

    • These boxes are crafted from premium corrugated cardboard.
    • Expect strength and durability, even for lightweight items.
  3. Customisation Options:

    • Need a unique size? No problem!
    • We can produce custom-sized boxes to accommodate oversized or special items.
    • Choose from different styles and board grades (single-wall, double-wall, or triple-wall) based on your protection needs.
    • Want your brand to shine? We offer up to 5-color printing on your cartons.
  4. Exceptional Materials:

    • Our corrugated cardboard boxes feature strong, kraft single-wall board.
    • And for heavy-duty requirements, check out our Teachest size, made from heavy-duty kraft twin cushion cardboard.


  • Tailored Solutions: Discover eco-friendly and versatile cardboard boxes in a variety of stock sizes, perfect for a wide range of packaging needs.
  • Ideal for Any Business: Whether you're a small online store or a large warehouse, our stock size cardboard boxes offer the perfect fit for your packaging requirements.
  • Explore Our Range: Choose from a diverse selection of stock sizes, including A3, A4, mailer boxes, and more, to find the right solution for your packaging needs.
  • Quality Assurance: Our stock size cardboard boxes are tough, heavy-duty, and supplied flat-packed for easy storage, ensuring durability and reliability for your packaging operations.
  • Dedicated Service: Contact our team for expert advice and assistance with your packaging needs, backed by years of experience in the industry.
  • Expert Guidance: Trust our team to guide you toward the right packaging solution for your business, whether you need custom sizes or printed options.

Packaging Supplies: Find all your packaging essentials in one place, including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and more, available at Power Packaging.