Hand Wrap

Hand Wrap

Discover the ultimate solution for securing and safeguarding your products during transportation and storage – Power Packaging’s Hand Stretch Wrap.

High-Quality Hand Stretch Film: Cast and Blown Varieties

  1. Cast Hand Stretch Film:

    • Superior Clarity: Designed for crystal-clear visibility and barcode scanning.
    • Durability: Withstands handling and movement.
    • Stretch Properties: Ideal for wrapping everyday boxes/packages.
  2. Blown Hand Stretch Film:

    • Heavier-Duty Applications: Offers excellent strength and puncture resistance for sharp corners.
    • Reliable Protection: Safeguard your goods with confidence.
Fusion Technology Films Traditional Cast Pallet Wrap Black Cast Pallet Wrap
Products: Products: Products:
- HSF17FUS - HSF23  
Features & Benefits: Features & Benefits: Features & Benefits:
- New 'Fusion' Technology - Traditional cast film for general wrapping applications - Black cast film for a premium look while stretching
- Uses less plastic per pallet wrap - Available in 20um, 23um, and 25um - 17um is ideal for light to medium packs
- Suitable for light to medium weight pallets - Suitable for all applications - 23um is suitable for medium to heavy duty applications

Features & Benefits:

  1. New ‘Fusion’ Technology:

    • Uses less plastic per pallet wrap - great for environmental concerns.
    • Suitable for light to medium weight pallets.
  2. Traditional Cast Film:

    • Available in 20um, 23um, and 25um.
    • Suitable for all wrapping applications.
  3. Black Cast Film:

    • Premium appearance while stretching.
    • 17um is ideal for light to medium packs.
    • 23um suits medium to heavy-duty applications.


Why Choose Power Packaging’s Hand Stretch Wrap?

  • Ease of Application: Both varieties can be effortlessly applied by hand – no special tools required.
  • Cost-Effective: Efficient packaging without breaking the bank.