Mailers: Secure Shipping Solutions by Power Packaging

At Power Packaging, we understand that efficient and protective packaging is crucial for successful e-commerce and retail operations. Our comprehensive range of mailers ensures your products reach their destination intact, no matter the journey.

Explore Our Range of Mailer Bags

At Power Packaging, we understand that efficient and protective packaging is crucial for businesses. Our diverse selection of mailer bags caters to various needs, from e-commerce shipments to retail products. Let’s dive into the features of each type:

  1. Padded Mailer Bags:

    • Sealed Air Padded Paper Mailer Bags: These heavy-duty mailers offer uniform inner padding, ensuring excellent cushioning for delicate items. The double-fold and double-glued bottom flap provides corner and edge protection. Choose between self-seal or regular closure options.
  2. Utility Kraft Paper Mailers: Reliable and cost-effective, these kraft paper mailers serve as a staple packaging solution.
  3. Maxi Tuff Plastic/Bubble Mailers:

    • Combining plastic and bubble cushioning, these mailers provide extra protection during transit.
  4. Courier Tuffpack:

    • Designed for secure courier services, these mailers are durable and reliable.
  5. Mail Tuff Paper/Bubble Mailers:

    • A blend of paper and bubble cushioning ensures safe shipping.
  6. Biodegradable Courier Satchels:

    • Environmentally friendly satchels suitable for various shipping needs.
  7. Jiffy Rigid Cardboard Mailers:

    • Sturdy cardboard mailers for flat items.
  8. Honeycomb Paper Mailers:

    • Lightweight yet effective protection with a honeycomb design.
  9. Jiffylite Paper/Bubble Mailers:

    • Combining paper and bubble wrap for secure transit.
  10. Biodegradable Padded Mailers:

    • Eco-conscious mailers available in two sizes, fitting standard letterboxes.

Why Choose Power Packaging Mailers?

  • Sustainability: Our mailers incorporate recycled content and are 100% recyclable.
  • Quality Assurance: Tamper-evident seals and protective features ensure safe delivery.
  • Customization: Discuss custom sizes and branding options.
  • Support Local: By choosing Australian-made products, you support local businesses.