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Power Packaging is a leader in industrial packaging supplies and servicing, providing a one-stop solution to businesses in Australia seeking
a supplier that offers a comprehensive range of Industrial Hand Tooling, Hand Sanitiser, Packaging Tape, Machinery, Cardboard Boxes,
Bubble Wrap, Pallet Wrap/Stretch Wrap, Mailers, Steel Strap, Consumables and more, combined with expertise and technical support.


Whatever your company’s needs, our specialised technical support is on-hand to deliver the right solution.


Power Packaging was established in 1989 out of offices in Wetherill Park, the largest industrial estate in the Southern Hemisphere. Our proximity
to so many companies enabled us to grow and cement our reputation as a reputable and reliable supplier of packaging supplies quickly.
In the three decades since Power Packaging First opened its doors for business, our business has grown exponentially as new tools, machines,
materials were added to our range of packaging products. In 2005, Power Packaging became the sole distributor of Columbia/Siat strapping
tools, establishing the company's catalogue as one of the most comprehensive in Australia.
Here at our Villawood warehouse, we provide a comprehensive range of strapping tools and packaging machinery to suit any application. Our service
area covers approximately 2,700m2, making us one of the largest suppliers of industrial packaging supplies in Australia. We are dedicated to helping companies
meet their OH&S requirements and increase efficiency whilst also ensuring safety in the workplace.
Power Packaging provides a vast range of industrial packaging supplies, allowing you to tap into the service and knowledge that makes us Australia's
leading supplier. We are dedicated to helping your business benefit from our products, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss your needs
and see what we can do for you!