Other Fastening Products

Other Fastening Products

Discover a comprehensive range of fastening solutions designed to simplify your daily tasks. Whether you’re bundling, securing, or labeling, our products offer reliability and convenience. 

1. Annealed Tie Wire Our versatile annealed tie wire serves multiple purposes. From bundling cables to reinforcing structures, this sturdy wire ensures a secure hold. Its flexibility makes it a go-to choice for various applications.

2. Bale Ties When it comes to securing hay, straw, or other agricultural products, our bale ties excel. These durable ties keep your bales neatly bound, even during transport or storage.

3. Wire Ties Say goodbye to tangled wires and messy cables! Our wire ties come in assorted lengths and thicknesses. Whether you’re organizing electronics or bundling items, these ties provide a quick and efficient solution.

4. Twist Ties (100mm Green) Vibrant green and versatile, our twist ties are perfect for sealing bags. Use them in the garden, kitchen, or wherever you need a secure closure. Their flexibility ensures easy handling.

5. Galvanized Wire Bale Ties Strength matters, especially for heavy-duty applications. Our galvanized bale ties withstand tough conditions, ensuring your bales remain intact. Trust them for durability and reliability.

6. Fibrelash Twine Lightweight yet robust, our fibrelash twine is a must-have. Whether you’re packaging goods, working on crafts, or tending to your garden, this twine provides a secure hold.

7. Metal Bag Tie Twist Tool Make bag sealing effortless with our twist tie tool. Simply twist and secure bags for freshness and convenience. No more fumbling with knots or clips!

8. Nashua 357 Spray Adhesive For bonding paper, fabric, foam, or lightweight materials, Nashua 357 spray adhesive delivers a strong hold. Get creative with your projects—this adhesive won’t let you down.

9. Tagging Pins Organize inventory, label garments, or attach price tags with our tagging pins. These simple yet effective tools are essential for retail and logistics.

10. Assorted Wire Ties Explore our assortment of wire ties tailored to various needs. Whether it’s cable management or DIY projects, these ties simplify your life.

Remember, custom lengths and thicknesses are available upon request.