Bubble Wrap Rolls

Bubble Wrap Rolls

Our wide range of bubble wrap rolls are perfect for packing fragile items and protecting them from damage during transit. We offer a variety of widths, lengths, and colors to choose from, as well as eco-friendly options. We can also cut and perforate bubble wrap to your exact specifications. For high-volume users, we also offer void fill machinery. Contact customer service for more information.

Our bubble wrap rolls include:

  • ProWrap Laminated Bubble - PROWRAP is laminated with a layer of absorbent PP material on one side of the bubble along with a layer of PE film that is laminated to the other side of the bubble. As well as protection from moisture, PROWRAP also offers superior tear and puncture resistance.
  • Anti-Static Bubble - This bubble wrap is treated with an anti-static coating to prevent static buildup. It is ideal for packing electronic devices and other sensitive items.
  • Kraft Backed Bubble - This bubble wrap is backed with a layer of kraft paper for added durability. It is perfect for packing heavy or bulky items.

We also offer:

  • Eco-friendly bubble wrap - Made from recycled materials, our eco-friendly bubble wrap is a great way to protect your items while also being environmentally friendly.
  • Custom-cut bubble wrap - We can cut and perforate bubble wrap to your exact specifications. This is perfect for packing items of a specific size or shape.
  • Void fill machinery - For high-volume users, we offer void fill machinery. This machinery can automatically fill voids in boxes with bubble wrap, providing added protection for your items.

Contact us today to learn more about our range of bubble wrap rolls and how we can help you protect your items during transit.