Premium 10mm Power Bubble

Premium 10mm Power Bubble


Experience superior protection with Premium 10mm Power Bubble Wrap – the ultimate choice for safeguarding light to medium-weight, less fragile products with short or predictable distribution cycles. This versatile solution is available in convenient slit and perforated rolls to meet your specific packaging needs.

  • POWER BUBBLE 1.4X115M: This standard roll offers dependable cushioning for your items.

  • POWER BUBBLE 1.4X115M 2X700MM Perforation @ 400MM: Perforated at 400mm intervals, this roll provides easy tear-off sections, enhancing your packaging efficiency.

  • POWER BUBBLE 1.4X115M 3X466MM Perforation @ 400MM: With perforations at 400mm intervals, this roll ensures quick and precise wrapping, saving you time and effort.

  • POWER BUBBLE 1.4X115M 4X350MM Perforation @ 400MM: For even more flexibility, this roll offers four perforated (400mm) rolls at 350mm widths, saving you time cutting bubble wrap to lengths.